Thursday, October 27, 2005

All Guzzler's Eve is Upon Us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe CB&BG is tomorrow night.

I'll be dressed in resplendent orange irony. So if it's your first time to a BlogAsheville gathering, and you're a'feared you'll miss us, just look for the goofy dude in the orange duds behind the Dell laptop.

What are you wearing? Not right now, silly. What are you wearing to the Guzzler?


Edgy Mama said...

I'm going to surprise you--with my costume. Just a hint, though: we're going to a wild gender bender fetish type party after the Guzzler. I'll definitely need a few beers with y'all first.

Sweet Tea said...

I'm wearing a black leather...oh, right then. To the party?

Spot me and Uptown in red devil horns. Of course, red faerie wings for me. The rest is yet to be decided.

Vespere Hesperian said...

Haha, I just found out this thing tomorrow was going on. Guess I should probably check back here more often. I have just been really, really busy lately and haven't had time.

Anyway I might be able to come, I wont have a costume because of short notice but that doesnt mean I can't come and make fun of the rest of you who do come dress up. LOL, I am kiding of course. So if I am able to make it I will see you all there.

Lara said...

That image is mine!!! ------