Saturday, October 01, 2005

Ashvegas Fall Ball and Cotillion: Inside the Velvet Rope

Cross-posted from Edgy Mama

The Usual Suspects rolled out the red carpet for Ashvegas blogger glitterati Friday night, and the Fall Ball and Cotillion did not disappoint.

Screwy and Uptown ushered in the guests, all groomed and natty. Uptown was accompanied by the lovely Mountain Faerie, while syntax and I held our own with Jim and his sunny daughter, M. The Modern Peasant held court, as usual, with a couple of Scrutiny Hooligan groupies, while DEMbloggers arrived a bit later to the party.

Clearly, the paparazzi had expected a much bigger turnout. Joan and Melissa Rivers seemed a little slack-jawed during the run-up. But alas, it seems that this core group remains the most we can muster. That's quite all right. There's clearly a difference between those who blog the blog and those who can do that and then some.

The drinks - from a classically refreshing New Orleans Pimm's Cup from Screwy to Uptown, to heady Omegang for yours truly, to a couple of whiskey/bourbon shots for Screwy - flowed as freely as the conversation and the ideas.

Some of what we learned ... well, let me stop.

I'll close the velvet rope here and encourage you to pop over to Edgy Mama to read the rest. For those of you who did not attend, you missed another chance to make your champagne wishes and cavair dreams come true.


Screwy Hoolie said...

Mrs. Hoolie and her twin arrived after you left.

Also, as I was paying the tab, I was chattychatty with the waitress. After an initial blank expression upon telling her about our blogger gathering, she looked surprised and horrified. Evidently a tall man in a green shirt wandered around The Usual Suspects looking for the Autumn Cotillion and Freedom March. He never found us.

So, you, guy in the green shirt! Car? FD? I am so damn sorry we missed each other.


Do y'all have suggestions to draw in the reticent bloggahs who sit so coyly on the blogroll but withhold their presences?

Uptown Ruler said...

let's get us a sign or funny hats, so we don't miss each other in the crowd, next time...

Sweet Tea said...

That's a great idea! Hats, themed attire, or a specific color. I like the hat idea the best. That would be pretty easy for us to grab while walking out the door, eh?

I hate that we missed Mr. Green Shirt.