Thursday, August 04, 2005

Pimping Bloggers

As the sole member of the female persuasion at last night's blogger pimping session, I feel it is my duty to report on the evening. What fun! Four blogger guys, one Mountain Xpress reporter, one MX photographer/editor, and moi--plus excellent brew.

First off, here's hoping that The Asheville Brewing Company takes off--it was quiet last night and there was some payment confusion (on my part at least), but the patio is great, the bar clean, and the beer, as always, excellent. Yes, this is Asheville Pizza and Brewing's new baby and where most of their beer production will take place, which, I assume, means my favorite of their brews--Roland's ESB--will NEVER be off.

Secondly, here's hoping the Mountain Xpress does a NICE article about Asheville bloggers and doesn't portray us as the freaks we actually are. Kidding, of course. The conversation was spirited and lively. Steve, reporter guy, noted that it seemed like we had all known each other for months, although most of us met less than a week ago. Common interests, and as Screwy noted--we're all well-read and uber-opionated. (Okay, I added the uber).

My insight of the evening came as I was watched a music video of David Bowie on the large screen above Screwy's head. In a blinding flash of insight, I realized that Michael Jackson has come, through multiple surgical procedures, to resemble David Bowie. And we thought he wanted to look like Diana Ross.

See what you missed, you A'ville bloggers who couldn't be there? You missed Mod Pez's witty remarks, DemBlogger's extensive political knowledge, 1000BlackLines belletristic ambition, and Screwy's general bon vivance and insight. Oh, and Steve, reporter guy, fit right in. I think I've convinced him that print journalism is obsolete, and he needs to be BLOGGING.

Speaking of mentees, today I discovered that our cool, young babysitter, who was with my children during the Blogasheville gathering last Friday, has been inspired to blogdom. His blog: BadAss--Political Wisdom written to inspire the world to think and act. He's gonna be giving Dem and Screwy a run for it! (and my daughter wants to tell you that that's the top of her head in the lower left of Chris' Bad Ass photo). XOXO, Edgy Mama


syntax said...

sounds like a great time was had by all - hope to see you all again at the next meetup!

modpez said...

mentees? i'm guessing a mentee is who a mentor mentors. am i right? (i'm pretty sure it's not used as mentally challanged.)

ash said...

Sounds like you all pimped in fine fashion!

mygothlaundry said...

Hope to be there for the next meetup as well! I heard about the mountain express article tonight - very cool.