Monday, August 01, 2005

help support wpvm!

just a quick reminder to wpvm listeners: the fcc is currently seeking public comment regarding low power fm radio stations, in order:
to increase the number of LPFM stations on the air and strengthen the viability of those stations that are already operating.
the deadline for comments is next monday, august 8, at midnight. click here for more information. make your voice heard in order to help the aptly named "progressive voice of the mountains" be heard more clearly and within a wider broadcast radius.

also, be sure to print out, sign, and circulate the petition to rep. taylor and sens. burr and dole supporting the local community radio act of 2005.

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Screwy Hoolie said...

I used to be against this bill, but that was when I was worried about ten thousand hillbilly preachers drowning out NPR and WNCW. Now that online news has superceded NPR, my musical tastes have moved away from NCW, and I'm convinced that as many liberal street fighters will find a frequency as will the Reverend Lovejoys I'm ready to get behind it.

Rep. Charles Taylor is ready to do anything his constituents say right now after his feckless CAFTA vote, so now's the time.