Sunday, June 18, 2006

Extravablogiversapaloozathon 2006

-Photograph by Zen-

Well...One year has come and gone here at BlogAsheville, and last night we gathered together at the beautiful home of Edgy Mama and her Envirospouse (who gave wonderful and extensive tours of their jealousy-producing garden in the backyard; we were all eating sugarsnap peas off the vine).

Jolt Wagon played through the night, and I should say, if you haven't seen these guys, you should!

Bloggers came from throughout the land. In attendance, and please shoot me an email here at BlogAsheville if I leave someone out (I'll add you!), were the following: Modern Peasant, Edgy Mama, Domestic Bliss, 3 of the Scrutiny Hooligans, Ashvegas, Bird on the Moon, Hangover Journals, Brainshrub, Restless Mama, The Syntax of Things, Lies and Myths, Virtual Inanity, Undercover Blue, How to Take a Fall,
and Urbantrail/AshevillePubCrawl.

And now the 2006 BlogAsheville Award Winners

Most Likely to Make Money by Blogging


Least Likely to Make Money by Blogging

Modern Peasant

Best Design

Edgy Mama

Most Likely to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Hangover Journals

Best Art/Photos

TIE - Lowell Allen's Serial Photo and Blue Ridge Blog

Blogger you'd most like to see naked

Scrutiny Hooligans

Best Local Happenings


Best Political

Scrutiny Hooligans

Makes Me Feel Happiest

Domestic Bliss

Most Inspirational

Bird on the Moon

Most in Need of a Redesign


Most Likely to Have New Material


Best BlogAsheville Post 2005-2006

TIE btw:

To the Witch Who Hit My Van and Ran by Edgy Mama


Happy Marriage Protection Sunday by Jim Jenkins

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

TIE: Hangover Journals, Scrutiny Hooligans, BlogAsheville, Edgy Mama, Brainshrub, and Stitch'n'Bitch

Best Writing

Edgy Mama

Best Overall

Scrutiny Hooligans

Blogger I'd Most Like to Have a Beer With

Susan of Easy Bake Coven

Least Likely to Care About Traffic

Modern Peasant

Biggest Slacker

Restless Mama

It was great to meet some new bloggers last night, and it nice spending time with those other folks (you know who you are!) who came to help us celebrate our first year in cyberspace.

I'm sure some pictures of the event will be posted when folks sufficiently recover; and I will try to either make a Nominee/Winners button for the 2006 BlogAsheville Awards, or beg Jim Jenkins to do it.



Edgy Mama said...

Wow, Uptown. You are on it this morning. I'm just getting moving. Kicking over beer bottles jut to get out of bed.

Thanks to those who voted for me. I'm honored to be included with such greatness! (And happy I didn't need to get nekkid as part of the show--though I'm looking forward to having all the SH bloggers in one place some time).

Sudeaux Lux said...

Good morning, party people! Thank you for the award.

arratik said...

now that the room isn't spinning so fast anymore, i can tell you that both bliss and i had a great time. it's always a pleasure to see everyone!

jolt wagon were excellent as well - anyone who covers camper van beethoven's "ambiguity song" is automatically okay in my book.

Jim Jenkins said...

Congratulations all! I'm so sorry that I missed the party. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Photoshopping is about the most athletic thing that I do these days so imagine my surprise when I discovered that I'd somehow managed to tear the cartilage in my right knee. So I find myself cranky, bored and frustrated, hopped up on opiates and very sad that I couldn't be there last night.

On the up side, my daughter is bringing the Father's Day party to me.

Happy Father's Day, boys!

ash said...

just seconding all the emotions.
thanks for opening your house to us, EM.
thanks to the hooligans for always rocking.
loved hanging with you all, and we missed you sorely, Jimbo.

Edgy Mama said...

You were missed, Jim!

Thanks for the "note," and the giftee!

Eddo said...

UGH! Why aren't the blogs linked so I can click with ease? I'm Livid.

Gordon Smith said...

I wondered the same thing...

But you can get to any of them via the handy sidebar.