Saturday, January 05, 2013

Watery Domestic

Alright, kids. I have the weirdest New Years resolutions ever.  I haven't made an actual list or anything (contrary to my usual nature), they are all just kind of floating around in my head.  They are probably things a lot of folks just do, without having to make a big fat deal about it.  They aren't even resolutions, even, just stuff I want to do.

I have never been much of a cook. At all.  I remember once in college I decided to add a packet of Ramen noodles to a can of Campbell's chicken and stars soup and thinking I was pretty awesome. I even ate it out of the pot to keep myself from having to wash a dish.  I'm not dumb though, and I love food, so I married a man who cooks like whoa.  I've never had to learn how to cook at all.  Kyle is a vegetarian, so when he isn't home to cook dinner Henry and I declare it 'Meat Night' and go out for hamburgers.  When Henry was 4 he scoffed at a neighbor who had dared to ask him about my cooking and replied "Mommies don't cook", an unspoken 'duh' trailing behind the statement.  So this year I am going to try to branch out a little and get more comfortable in the kitchen.  I figure that if I am learning to shoot guns in the name of competency I should at least be able to take the time to learn how to cook a little.

Enter: Pinterest.  I always laughed at how my friends on Pinterest pin things that can be divided into just a few groups, the main ones being Things That You Should Cook, Things You Should Do To Be Skinny, and Ridiculously Complicated Things You Should Do To Your Hair That Make It Look Like You Aren't Actually Trying At All.  Now I find myself looking at Pinterest food and actually contemplating trying to cook it.  So far I have scratch made soft pretzels and candied almonds (both which went over damn well with the fam) and today I roasted brussel sprouts with almonds.  Since I am the only one that will eat brussel sprouts in this house, I will have to rely on my own opinion of how they turned out.  They wouldn't be confused with the killer fried ones at The Admiral or anything, but damn.  They were good!  You can tell that I'm new to this game because there are no artfully shot photos of the finished products of things in vintage Fiestaware or Ball jars with ribbons or something involving chalkboard paint.  Just you wait--by mid-March I will be Instagraming the hell out of some fancy pants dishes.  While doing squat lunges and sporting a 'messy double herringbone mermaid braid bun updo' or some such...


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