Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vote ASHEVILLE for BeerCity, USA 2010!

[UPDATE: The poll is getting tight. Tell your family, friends, and enemies to vote ASHEVILLE!]

The poll is OPEN for Charlie Papazian’s “BeerCity, USA” 2010. Help us keep Asheville on top! Spread the word near and far about all the beer culture we have in a little mountain city.

Last year Asheville tied with Portland, OR—a city with many more breweries and many more people. But I think Asheville’s beer passion speaks for itself. We’re not resting on our laurels!


Oh, and check out the Portland smack-talker from the newspaper: "We’ve got to take them down. We’ve got more "beer city" in the backwash at the bottom of our pint glasses than can be found in all of their pubs and breweries." Boo!

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