Sunday, May 02, 2010

Impotent Cowards Nerd-Rage Downtown

"Police were scouring downtown Asheville looking for a horde of people suspected of breaking out multiple car and storefront windows.

About 10:45 p.m. Saturday, a group of between 20-30 people wearing dark clothing, some wearing masks and carrying backpacks, threw items, including newspaper boxes, through windows of several businesses along O'Henry Avenue. A front window of the Asheville Citizen-Times was shattered, as were multiple storefronts at the Grove Arcade. An ATM was smashed at the RBC on O'Henry..."

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So a bunch of wannabe anarchists decided to run amok downtown tonight and destroy random businesses and individual's cars.

Of course, no statement is made, and no one could understand their shouted slogans, so they basically just nerd-raged on their own city for no reason.

If you wanna make a difference and change the world, get some courage and go volunteer with one of the thousands of international organizations trying to bring about change. Donate your life to something important. Channel that outrage into something productive.

But stop nerd-raging - it's pathetic.