Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fanaticon 2010

Cross-posted from the Deaver Park Press blog, a great local art and design blog run by musicians/comics creators Brent and Tiziana. Fanaticon 2010 was PACKED, filled with people with great costumes, and had some fabulous art from local and national talent.:

So, I think it’s safe to say that that inaugural Fanaticon festival was a success! We had an absolutely fantastic time. We got the chance to hang out with some of our local favorite creators, like Hope Larson, Evan Dahm, and Raven Perez, and we met a ton of fantastic people. Here’s hoping that Fanaticon becomes a yearly tradition in our little town.

Here are some pictures we took over the course of the day.

Here we are at our little table, with Tiziana looking radiant, as usual, and me looking, well, perplexed.

We got some shots of some of the fantastic cosplayers in attendance with their matching Zodiac posters. Here are a few.

There were so many people in costume at this convention, it was astounding. We got a lot of cool shots, but there was one picture that reigned supreme…

I freaking love the expression on Kid Mario’s face.

No now, with Fanaticon behind us, we begin preparations for HeroesCon, June 4-6, in Charlotte. Thank you, Asheville, for all of the support you gave to us today. We love you!


Asheville, if you have pics or blog entries about Fanaticon, won't you share in the comments section?


LGenius said...

Tiziana--will you take me for a ride in your car? I'll let you pour hot wax on my, LG

Brent Baldwin said...

Oh my.