Thursday, March 25, 2010

Test your broadband connection and compare it to the world

Test your connection right now and compare it to the chart below.

Average download speeds by country*

1. South Korea, 11 Mbps
2. Japan, 7.3 Mbps
3. Hong Kong, 6.9 Mbps
4. Romania, 6.2 Mbps
5. Sweden, 6.0 Mbps
6. Netherlands, 5.1 Mbps
7. Latvia, 5.1 Mbps
8. Switzerland, 5.0 Mbps
9. Czech Republic, 4.9 Mbps
10. Denmark, 4.7 Mbps
11. ...

18th: United States 3.9 Mbps

Asheville with Google Fiber: 1000 Mbps (Note that this is a top speed, and the others actual average speeds)

Not happy with the speed number you just saw? Nominate Asheville for Google Fiber.



Christopher C. NC said...

Hughes satellite internet speed:
Download 198kbps
Upload 108kbps and 209kbps, two tries

yes that is a Kb.

Kathryn said...


clark said...

2700 kbps down
1059 up
Charter Cable 6:20 Pm on a Friday

And Holy Cow Kathryn, what network are you on? Speedy.