Monday, March 15, 2010

Sewerage break at French Broad Park?

sewerage break
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I know this venue is mostly for announcing events and usually the more positive vibes about Asheville, but there appears to be some kind of greywater sewage break near the dog run area of the French Broad Park (the one at the corner of Amboy Road and Riverview Drive). I've emailed Asheville city people from their website and gotten no response.

I know the water treatment pipeline goes thru this area - hence the pumping station just above the park - and frequently the smells are a bit rough, but this is open, sludgy water. There are rubbers, tampons and toilet wads burbling up slowly. I'd avoid the spot until something gets done as it doesn't just smell, it seems like a disease vector.

This blog is not just for events and positive vibes. It's for us. It's for Asheville. I'm SO glad Zen posted this & I welcome more posts like it... Thanks, Zen.


zen said...

Well, my email did make it somewhere, but it needed to be passed on to the proper group

Hi, Thanks for the report. MSD of Buncombe County handles all the
sewage problems in the district. I have forwarded to them for action.
If you have further questions or concerns, please let me know.


Ivan Thomas
Water Maintenance Superintendent
City of Asheville Water Resources
(828) 259-5957

zen said...

From: Stines, Ken []
Subject: RE: Sewerage pipe break

Thanks for the heads up. Our guys responded yesterday and found a main line stoppage, the crews cleared the blockage and today we have a crew on site cleaning the spill. We then will CCTV the line to determine the cause and make all necessary repairs. Thanks again for the heads up.