Thursday, March 11, 2010

Google Fiber and Asheville: recent coverage heats up!

There has been a lot of recent coverage and encouraging talk regarding Asheville's bid to become a test market for Google's build-it-to-your-door fast broadband project. We want Google Fiber.

Even if you don't use Twitter, you might like monitoring the chatter on Twitter about Asheville and Google Fiber.

Here is the rundown:
  1. Tune in to the temporarily renamed "Google Edge Radio" on 880 AM at 5:20 PM on March 11 for talk and interviews about the project.
  2. Town hall style meeting at 5 PM March 11th at Francis Delaney Middle School, 119 Brevard Road. Jason Hill, founder of the Google Asheville Facebook group, is hosting and will answer questions from local educators and anyone else who comes by.
  3. Check out the recent Mountain Xpress coverage about Asheville's Google fiber bid
  4. Watch the WLOS segment from Tuesday, March 12th, which does a good job explaining things for such a short video segment.
  5. Show up and talk with the veterans in Asheville's green technology industry during this week's Asheville Green Drinks, March 12th, Bobo Gallery, 22 N. Lexington Ave. 6:00 – Social Mix; 6:30 – Program. This week the meeting is all about Google fiber and the implications for our local green technology companies.
  6. Check out the blog,, for ongoing coverage of Asheville's push to attract Google.
  7. Great blog post about the reasons for Google fiber from the blog, "The Model is Not Reality." Here's the link.
  8. March 18 town hall meeting in the Civic Center ballroom (with some city council members to be present, I believe).
And, if you haven't already, go and nominate Asheville to be Google's chosen winner!

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Isotecture said...

If you want Google to invest 500,00,000 in Asheville, you need to nominate Asheville to Google by Friday -