Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BlogAsheville ADMINISTRATORS Wanted!

Anyone want to help run BlogAsheville? You get a platform to improve community health and give local people a voice. You get serious cool points. And you get to be friends with some of the smartest and most civically engaged people in town.

It's fun.

Back in the day BlogAsheville had many admins, but now it's just me. Back in the day we had posts about all kinds of things, but now we mostly have events.

I'd love to have more admins, more opinion, more reviews, more roundups of local blog entries... More posts about transit and city concerns, local festivals and family-friendly stuff.

BlogAsheville has too much community capital to lie fallow when I'm too busy to help.

If you're interested in becoming an admin (and doing more than just post things, but helping run BlogAsheville, and grow and improve it), email me at BlogAsheville (at) hotmail daht cahm.

I'd want to hear your ideas about what YOU think needs to be done.

- Jennifer

PS: See you at the blogger meetup Thurs at Posana! And at the Google town hall meeting!

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