Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Asheville Vaudeville-2 New Shows!

On Thursday, March 4th, Asheville Vaudeville will be presenting 2 new variety shows @ 7:30pm & 10pm @ The BeBe Theatre! We invite you all to come to celebrate some of the finest talent Asheville has to offer. The acts for this month include: Cookie LaRue, Sirius B, Strings Attached Marionettes by Madison J. Cripps, Carolina Music Band, Tom the Magician, Bretian the Hungarian Accordionist, Rosa la Contortionista, Comedic Sketches by Thomas Butler, A Brand New Act - The Juggling Sensation - Seven Ball Jim, and your host...Baron Von Sneeden!

Tickets are available at Malaprops Bookstore, or reserve them by emailing us at: ashevillevaudeville@gmail.com

Visit: ashevillevaudeville.com for more information.

Vaudeville, a mission - by Brian Sneeden

Firstly, let me begin by saying that we are not a nostalgia organization. Though we utilize and embody the genre of vaudeville as explored in the variety show, we are best labeled as “Asheville vaudeville”: a multi-talented collective of playwrights, jugglers, magicians, puppeteers, musicians, dancers, and more – who follow in the traditions of these historic arts while demonstrating, as indeed their originators did, a dedication to uncovering and devising new expressions of acts traditionally associated with vaudeville.

While it is our sincerest pleasure to dedicate ourselves to this vital antiquity of American theatre, our purpose in doing so is less a decision to preserve through imitation than one to revive through innovation: the very nature and infrastructure of old vaudeville being one of ‘perpetual renaissance’ for the performers and the refinement of acts, we too seek to craft such an environment through a policy of no-repeat material. Everything heard or seen on the Asheville Vaudeville stage will be its first and only appearance on our stage.

In short: we aim not only to astound, to please, and to entertain, but to do so with alarming consistency; to craft a troupe of continually-developing performers and provide exposure to noteworthy new performers and acts; to build and nurture an audience who feel constantly reminded of why they live in Asheville; to offer work, exposure, and artistic collaboration to all our performers; to provide 500 meals to hungry members of our community for every sold-out show and – ultimately – to instigate a new artistic movement in Asheville in celebration and continuation of such fine American institutions as variety theatre, burlesque, sideshow and, particularly, vaudeville.

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