Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fool's Day Shows!

Asheville's monthly dose of cabaret, juggling, magic, marionettes and more returns! Featuring ALL NEW MATERIAL from our acts -- that's right folks, this time we've got foot archery, bizarre feats of magic and skill and - if the rumors be true - that maestro himself, Charlie Chaplin (just to mention a few)! We've got new routines, new faces, new puppets and new songs all from the explosive local talent of:

Tom the Magician!
Rosa la Contortionista!
Forty Fingers and a Missing Tooth!
The Erogenous Melodies of Sirius.B!
Strings Attached Marionettes by Madison J. Cripps!
Charlie Chaplin: Risen From the Grave!
The Siren Songs of Vaudevie!
Bretian the Hungarian Accordionist!
Seven Ball Jim, Juggling Sensation!
Woman Who Shoots Bows and Arrows With Her Feet!
Gypsy Reels from the Carolina Music Band!
Comedic Sketches by Thomas Butler!
and your host... Baron Von Sneeden!

And that's not all: Vaudeville has gone LATE NIGHT! Can't make the early show? Aren't satisfied by just one performance? Come to our 10:00pm show! (Warning: late-night Vaudevillians may be more prone to lewdness, rumpotting, and down-right abscondery--- not to mention...eroticism

$12.00 advance tickets on sale at Malaprop's Bookstore and Cafe.
$15.00 at the door.

Remember: Asheville Vaudeville gives A THIRD of all ticket prices to benefit MANNA Food Bank, voted #1 do-gooder group by the Mountain Xpress' "Best Of" 2009. Every ten dollars we raise feeds 25 people, which means 600 meals for every sold-out performance!

Come: be entertained! Feed hungry people! Feed hungry artists!
No one does April Fool's like Vaudeville...

The Vaudeville Revival Manifesto by Brian Sneeden

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that vaudeville and the variety theatre is, by its own peculiar and inclusive nature, a theatre of the People; that variety performance by, for and of a community is a potent and deliberate vehicle for the expression of local needs and concerns; that fun is inherently medicinal; that community theatre lends itself to acts of charity, philanthropy and community awareness; that human beings, by their very biological and chemical makeup, crave the experience of performance; that the medium of vaudeville as found in the variety show extends as far back as that craving, spanning numerous millenia of actors, writers and spectacle performers devoted to developing the craft, and - lastly - that it is in their footsteps we humbly direct our endeavors, performing - as indeed they performed - to amuse, delight, wow, impress and inspire audiences from all walks of life.

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