Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogger Meetups Reimagined! Revived! Thurs March 18

(An image from BlogAsheville meetups: the early days.
Farewell, yellow messenger bag! You served Gordon well.)

Blogger Meetup! Beer and Good Times March 18!

We asked what you wanted, and you said something social followed by something constructive.

You got it.

Join Asheville's online community for:

if you're online, come on out -- Tweeters and Facebookers also welcome
6-8 p.m. Thursday March 18
Posana Cafe (in the back room), 1 Biltmore Ave.
6-7 is meatspace hangout time (bring beer money)

At 7, city councilblogger extraordinaire Gordon Smith of Scrutiny Hooligans talks with us about how we can use social media to make the change we want to see in Asheville. Yes, Gordon is a democrat, and to be frank, so are most of our bloggers. But this event welcomes bloggers of all political stripes. Come on out!

At 7:20 or so, stick around for more hangout time

See you there for beer and good times! Let the Pisgah Pale Ale flow!

BTW, Posana has a big screen in the back room. Anyone got any incriminating old vids of Asheville bloggers?


Gordon Smith said...

Wow. That photo is from the very first BlogAsheville get together. There was no Facebook or Twitter. We were out pioneering the blogosphere. Good times.

Anne Fitten Glenn said...

OMG, that was like six years ago. Look at those sweet young faces.