Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soup and cornbread benefit for Haiti at Rosetta's Jan. 17 and 24

Taken from Facebook: downtown restaurant Rosetta's holds a Haiti benefit on consecutive Sundays, Jan. 17 and 24. Facebook link here.

Benefit for Haitian Earthquake Survivors Community Cauldron Soup Benefit
Sunday, January 17, 2010
6:00pm - 10:00pm
Rosetta's Kitchen
111 Broadway


Please come to Rosetta's Cauldron Soup night on Sunday January 17th and Sunday January 24th. Soup and cornbread are by donation. All the money will be sent to Haiti to help earthquake survivors via Herbs for Orphans ( and American Rainbow Rapid Response (

People need tents and water purifiers as well, if you would like to donate those. We will send all donations, along with dry beans and rice to Haiti. ♥

Herbs for Orphans Inc. is a non-profit charity that provides nutritional solutions for underprivileged youth in poverty-stricken countries worldwide. It also seeks to raise public awareness of the physical and socioeconomic repercussions of malnutrition.
American Rainbow Rapid Response's mission is to provide a comprehensive response to the mass care needs of individuals affected by large-scale disaster through: providing nutritious, mostly organic, hand made, home cooked meals; providing opportunities to other grassroots, faith-based, youth and community groups to come together and offer their respective services to the affected communities; and offering education opportunities to our own network and the public on issues such as preparedness, mitigation, response, and emotional/spiritual health.

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