Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Spookypalooza Totals!

The Rev. Heather Dillashaw Spencer of Homeward Bound of Asheville accepts cash raised at Spookypaooza 2009 from new Asheville City Council member and Asheville blogger/activist extraordinaire, Gordon Smith. Smith and Spencer stand in front of bins where the homeless can store their possessions, one bin per person. Rev. Spencer says A HOPE, like all nonprofits, is struggling. Spookypalooza money will go into general fund to try and make ends meet.

Photo by Jason Sandford of

The checks and cash from ticket sales and raffle tickets have been counted and the totals are finally in...

In the middle of crappy economic times, Asheville's online community raised $1810 for local people in need.

By partying at the Phil Mechanic at Spookypalooza/Blogapalooza 2009, and by buying raffle tix (and by donating to our raffle), we did some good for Homeward Bound of Asheville, an area organization who helps local people find food, shelter and a better life.

Thanks Spookypalooza sponsors, and thanks to amazing local artist (and blogger!) Genie Maples. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks, online community. You KNOW we'll see you next year to help out some more and have some more fun.

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