Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Local Internet in Asheville

Did you know Charter isn't the only flavor of broadband internet service here in Asheville?

Our local providers are Skyrunner (that's their weird logo up there) and MAIN. Skyrunner provides line-of-sight wireless from a mountaintop tower to the Northwest. MAIN provides WiFi in these areas:

  • Ivy St./UNCA
  • Max St./S. Charlotte
  • Lenior St./Kenilworth
  • Haywood Rd./Westwood
  • Haywood Rd./Sandhill Rd.
  • Biltmore Ave./Charlotte St.
  • Joyner Ave./Riverview
  • Montford
  • Mount Clare
  • Livingston St.

With MAIN, you can actually buy WiFi access by the hour and by the week as well as by the month.

Both providers are around a hundred bucks or so to set up, and around $35 monthly. Just a reminder for the holidays and the New Year: Charter, thank heaven, is not the only game in town.

I was bummed I couldn't get Skyrunner at home (when the neighborhood tress leaf out, they'll block the signal), so I'm on to try MAIN. I'll keep everyone posted as to what I think!

If you're from Skyrunner or MAIN and want to offer a special holiday deal to bloggers, we are listening, yo...

- Jennifer

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