Friday, November 06, 2009

Spookypalooza Feedback?

One more thing on this posty Friday. Do you have any Spookypalooza feedback?

I hear we need a podcast category. Consider it done. What other categories do we need, or need to lose?

What did you think of how we did voting this year, going straight to voting for the winners? What would have made voting, partying and getting together better for you?

What should we keep, and what should we do differently?

Here's your chance to tell everyone. Don't be shy. Leave a comment or send email to blogasheville [at] hotmail daht cahm.

PS: It's time for a new logo and a new look for BlogAsheville. We have been a consistent nominee for most in need a a redesign, and a winner this year in that category (sigh). If you can help, let us know! You get a shout-out on the blog, and maybe even some candy nipple tassels!


Jennifer Saylor said...

Really curious to know what people thought of voting for winners and not nominees, and what we thought of having presenters at the party. And do we need a better dance space?

Shad Marsh said...

too loud. kinda of hard to have a conversation when marginal rock music is assaulting your ears.

Brent Baldwin said...

It's difficult for a rock band to be subtle when playing in a concrete tunnel. Also, as one of the marginal musicians, f**k you.

Shad Marsh said...

that's the spirit!

Brent Baldwin said...

There was no soundman to set the levels for the room, and no one told us we were too loud. You should've said something then, when something could've been done about it. I can't speak for both bands, but mine would've gladly turned down.

Admin said...

we appreciate you being there, brent.

Brent Baldwin said...

And we were really glad to be there. I apologize if I've been too rude or blunt.

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks Jenn, for all your hard work on the party.It rocked!

Thanks also to Ashvegas and Gordon for bringing gifts for the winners. Turns out that the three of us were the only folks who brought gifts this year. Luckily, Ash showed up with several. Next year, can those who won this year please bring a gift (or Paypal me a fiver so I can buy something)? Or do we even need giftees? Is winning enough? What do y'all think? Thanks.

Also, I've seen Twitter winner buttons but no Blogger winner buttons. Anyone?

I think there was too much food--with a 7 p.m. start, you really don't need to feed folks dinner. I think appetizers and cupcakes are enough. Thanks, though, to those who donated so plenitudiously!

Finally, no one's blaming you Brent, but the concrete tunnel did amplify the music to the extent that it was almost painful. If we do use the same venue again, I'd suggest the band(s) go acoustic.

Overall, it was a rocking event. I love all you blogging/twittering/Facebooking nerds!

Peter said...

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Shad Marsh said...


It wasn't that big of a deal, and please don't read too much into my use of the word marginal.
The acoustics of the space aren't conducive to amplified music.


ash said...

Finding a venue was one of the toughest assignments this year. Remember - we have no budget. So we're asking people to give us space for a night for 100 people who want to drink, eat and party. Personally, I think we owe a major thank you to Jolene and the Phil Mechanic for giving what they gave.

If folks want a nicer venue, then they need to give dollars. It's the same point Edgy made - folks will need to step up and give if they want nice prizes, a cozy venue or fancy wine and cheese.

Yes, we need to get the buttons created. If nobody's working on this, Mountain Xpress can pick it up.

I'd like to know if there's interest in the blogging community in meeting on a quarterly basis to talk more seriously about some of the topics Jeff Fobes brought up: the creation of a local blog ad network; collaborating on local topics of interest or in other areas; and sharing our individual expertise so we can all keep learning news skills

ash said...

A big thank you to Its Elephants and Albatross Party for playing our all-volunteer event. You guys were great, as was the juggling crew and comedian.

ash said...

And Jen should have received a standing ovation at the event for all the time and effort she put into this year's blogapalooza. It takes an amazing amount of time and energy to pull even a simple event together.
Jen, you went above and beyond the call, and the blogging community is in your debt.

Andrew Harvel said...

A-Hope/Homeward Bound is in your debt. Many thanks, everyone.

Angela said...

I agree with location and the acustics for the bands. While Phil Mechanic was gracious to give the spot, maybe find a location next year for more moving space? I touched alot of body parts that i don't really care to randomly grab in public. Well...I have space issues anyway so you can ignore that if need be. But what killed me was the pirate plank, it wasn't easy in my costume to walk down it (up was easy). I had no idea there were stairs and didn't find them until I was leaving. Call me stupid but with the crowd it was hard to know the stairs were there.

The food, I couldn't get it to it that much to even try it. I had a cupcake, they were awesome. But I have to agree that maybe light snacks instead of trying to feed a dinner. Gracious move but it didn't look like many were eating it.

Gifts, I want to tsk tsk those who won last year and didn't bring a gift. I think it's fair to personally contact the winners (via blog or twitter) and give them a specific time frame to bring something or $5 to get a gift for the new winner. I would definetly do this well in advance so that if someone doesn't meet up to their end of the deal your not scrambling at last minute trying to solve the gift issue.

And do you all do a planning committee of some sort? I am a planning fanatic and wouldn't mind helping put together next year's event at all.

Aiden Thomas said...
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