Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for a Few Good Avl Podcasts

We missed the boat at Spookypalooza this year, no category for Best Podcast! All that will change next year.

Meanwhile, all of us here at BlogAsheville want to hook YOU up with the very best in local podcasts.

We've heard about Chicken Pop Pod (@chickenpoppod on Twitter), and we still miss the semi-retired Word Nerds. And Gillian Coats of 7 Layer Dip on AshevilleFM has some podcasts over at her page on the MAP website.

But we know we're missing a lot of good stuff. If you've got a podcast, won't you tell us all about it? We'd love to have you post podcasts to BlogAsheville, and link your site in the podcast section of our sidebar.

Spread the word! BlogAsheville wants your podcasts. Comment or send email to blogasheville [at] hotmail daht cahm.

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