Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bruisin' Ales: Goings on in the Asheville Beerdom

Hello, all! Thanks for inviting Bruisin' Ales to be a contributor on BlogAsheville. We're honored. Want more beer news? You can also follow us on the Twitter @bruisinales. Some new local news below, but always check out "New This Week" from the Bruisin' Blog for an up-to-date listing of what's in stock at the humble storefront. Christmas beers are coming, the goose is getting fat! (And so are we. Yay.)

Highland Brewing has a YouTube Channel
My bad for not checking YouTube enough. But linked to this nifty 3:00 min video (above) of Highland Brewing Company’s bottling line. Dig it. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel here.

Green Man Ales debuts new Double IPA
Asheville’s Green Man Ales, found Dirty Jack’s and Jack of the Wood, made its debut of a new Double IPA yesterday. We couldn’t get out to try it, but we hope you did. Definitely going to get some of my own today! Maybe a growler for the Chicago Bears game tonight. I’m pretty sure the beer will keep me from crawling into a corner and crying. Well, maybe.

Wedge debuts Third Rail IPA
Yet another local brewery showing some love to the hopheads for the holidays. Introducing Third Rail IPA, another Double IPA. Here’s to hoping we’ll get bottles back soon. These guys just can’t keep up with y’all. Stop drinking all the Wedge, people! (Just kidding.)

Pisgah’s Baptista is resting
Honestly, I get more geeked about Baptista than any other holiday beer. It’s locally-brewed and reminds me of the beer that single-handedly started my foray into the Land of the Beer Geeks, La Binchoise Spéciale Nöel, now called Binchoise Reserve. Baptista is a Belgian Strong Pale with holiday spices and hints of orange peel. Warms you up, too, with its ever-so-light 11.5% abv. The yeast is working its magic as I type this, so expect to see it soon.

Asheville Brewing’s Christmas Jam White Ale is flying off the shelf
One of the smartest collaborations between Asheville’s closely-tied beer and music scene is the new Christmas Jam White Ale, a private label beer made for Warren Haynes Christmas Jam (tix on sale this Saturday) by Asheville Brewing Co. We can’t keep this stuff around. Already shipped to over ten different states! And our country’s foremost beer guru, Charlie Papazian, has requested bottles for review. Boo-yah! (Papazian is also the man behind the “Beer City USA” poll.)

French Broad’s Wee-Heavy-est arrives next week
One of Asheville’s most popular beers, French Broad Brewery’s Wee-Heavy-er, gets a Belgian boost for the winter months with the release of Wee-Heavy-est. We’ll be kicking off the release at next Thursday’s Tasting!


Jill and Matt said...

Good luck getting a growler of The Truth, the double IPA (9% abv) at Dirty Jacks! Unless favors are done for those in "the business," the high gravity brews aren't available in growlers.

BTW, I did get to try The Truth yesterday, and it a deliciously drinkable ale. Cheers!

Ask Asheville North Carolina said...

Awesome article Julie! Thank you Blog Asheville too.