Friday, October 16, 2009

Spookypalooza: Still More Goodness for 2009

As well as beer, live loud rock from from Albatross Party and It's Elephant's, and yet another sugarbomb from our city's finest maker of scratch-made mostly-organic cakes, this year's Extravapalooza 4.0 (Now with Citizen Media!) offers a raffle with some sweet, sweet, take-homeable only-in-Asheville prizes:

(if you're a crafter/artisan/service provider, consider donating to our 2009 raffle and getting the word out to the sexiest social media nerds in town...)

Plus there'll be catering from Colorful Palate and schmoozing and boozing with the most awesome bloggers in the known universe. Tweeters and Facebookers too!

RSVP to our Spookypalooza event page here.

(Our awesome 2009 poster above is from an up-and-coming new designer, Ohia Quaint of Ohia Design. Hire her for your own original, amazing designs at designohia at gmail daht cahm!)


madteaparty said...

Can you fix the ZOMBIE BOOGIE link? A good one would be: or else


We're glad to be supporting this fine event!

Of course we have a gig that night (opening for Toubab Krewe in Charlotte), so we won't get to party with you. : (

Jennifer Saylor said...

Fixed it, Ami!

Edgy Mama said...

I also plan to bring the orange Carmen Ghia-designed typewriter to re-gift to this year's best writer (Thanks to Gordon Smith for finding it first!.

madteaparty said...

Thanks, Jennifer! : )