Saturday, August 15, 2009

BlogSister Cities: Asheville, NC and Roanoke, VA

To the BlogAsheville Community:

It gives us great pleasure to introduce our Blogsister City - Roanoke, Virginia. The good folks there have started a blog collective called BlogRoanoke, and one of those founding members is a friend. We hope to engender some cross Blue Ridge Blogging, and perhaps a blog meetup between our respective cities in 2010. Please see the press announcement below and stop by to encourage and support them!

"Within the past two years, the number of active blogs in the Roanoke Valley has increased exponentially.

Valley residents are talking about everything from Roanoke’s booming bike culture to experiences on the front lines of the battle to leave no child behind in our local schools."

We welcome your comments and suggestions, regarding our new found friendship!

1 comment:

Jerry Nelson said...

Great idea! My hometown is just north of Roanoke, so I know that city well. I'm looking forward to reading all the blogs.

Jerry Nelson