Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Asheville Photographer Seeks Ideas for Documentary Pictorials

Documentary photographer Anthony Bellemare is looking for stories to shoot in and around his hometown of Asheville, N.C. His newly-launched website - www.abellemare.com - will showcase these photo narratives.

"I want people in Asheville to visit the site and find stories they didn't know existed," said Bellemare, whose projects capture a sense of place, colorful local characters, offbeat events and other nuances that make Asheville unique.

Bellemare, whose photos have been published in Time, JPG Magazine and the Guardian UK newspaper, is also looking for new projects that are specific to Western North Carolina.

To help sweeten the deal, the first 5 stories chosen will receive prints of the finished project. Contact Bellemare at www.abellemare.com


mistyeyed said...

That's an amazing idea. I'm originally from Louisiana and someone had done something similar to this before our little town changed. It's so bizarre to look at the old photos compared to photos years later and the stories that surround those photos.

aphasia said...

Beaucatcher Mountain's story would be cool, or perhaps the story about Asheville's water system + the rumor of burned city plans.