Sunday, April 05, 2009

Party like its Two Thousand SHINE!

I'm a huge fan of the Bountiful Cities Project. I worked as an organizer for years with this organization, and now serve as a board member. BCP has been steadily working for nine years on the ground in Asheville communities, building gardens, building community, and growing food. A decade later, as everybody's finally coming to understand the importance of concepts like Urban Agriculture and Food Security, the Bountiful Cities Project is poised to grow and continue to serve as a resource for communities who want to take control of their food systems. Rock On! How can you help, you ask?
Volunteer in the gardens (you might get some yummy produce out of the deal!). Email ashevillebcp at gmail or call (828) 257-4000.
Build a Birdhouse.
Come to the Auction. (details below).
Donate your skills! (especially graphic designers- we're in serious need of a "branding" campaign and new logo)

But, ahem, without further ado:

the Bountiful Cities Project Presents:
The 7th Annual Birdhouse Auction!

On April 18th, 2009, starting at 5pm, The Bountiful Cities Project hosts the 7th Annual Birdhouse Competition, Live Auction, and Celebration of Spring at the Courtyard on Lexington in Downtown Asheville to raise money for Urban Agriculture.

Featuring handcrafted birdhouses from local artists, the 2009 Birdhouse Auction will be a festive celebration of springtime! Dozens of locally made birdhouses, both functional and artistic, will be on display. The entries will be judged, with exciting prizes going to the top three winners. The entries will then be auctioned off in an old-fashioned live auction, while attendees enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine and beer, and peruse the plants for sale. The location is the beautiful brick courtyard behind Bouchon French Restaurant on Lexington Avenue in Downtown Asheville. The 2009 Birdhouse Auction will be a lovely springtime evening celebration among friends and community!

Funds raised will go directly to the Bountiful Cities Project (BCP) to support the work of community gardening and urban agriculture. BCP is an Asheville-based non-profit with a 9-year history of supporting community gardening, urban agriculture, and food security for the Asheville community. The mission of the Bountiful Cities Project is: “to create, on urban land, beautiful community spaces that produce food in abundance and foster a learning environment for social justice and sustainability.” BCP works in and partners with 10 Asheville communities to grow food in the city: Shiloh, Burton Street, Montford, West Asheville (including Vance and Hall Fletcher Elementary Schools), Stephens-Lee, and others, running educational, youth and outreach programs and connecting communities to the resources they need to begin growing food in the city!

Community Gardening and Urban Agriculture are enjoying a renaissance as individuals recognize the health, environmental, economic and social benefits of growing, eating, and purchasing local food. BCP helps the idea become reality! Donating a birdhouse, and attending the party, will help BCP to fulfill its mission and enrich the patchwork quilt of gardens growing all over the city of Asheville.

Birdhouses are still being accepted! Donations accepted at the French Broad Food Co-op and the Short Street Cakes’ Cake Shop at 225 Haywood Road.

Children and youth in the Shiloh Community eating food from their garden as a part of the Bountiful Cities Project's Strong Roots Program:

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nancycanary said...

We will be there! Beautiful idea and also, thanks for another yummy coconut cake we devoured over the Easter Weekend! Congrats on the new shop. It is just adorable and delicious too!