Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mike Watt!

Because I love you people so much, and because I am trying to bring big-time entertainment to the blogging community here at BlogAsheville, I present to you courtesy of the Bugg Blog an interview with punk rock legend Mike Watt.

In the interview Watt speaks about his punk rock roots and the need to constantly evolve a create something new. For those of you who strive to create every day, a little Watt would probably do you right.

From the interview:

"This might be a lame example, but Trotsky talked about this thing called a permanent revolution. He said that the art isn't in the knife, it's what can be carved from the knife. A lot of the time thing, like when you're born and shit, that's circumstance, and you can't do anything about that. Like I said before, you can't unring the bell. You can't reinvent that time of the seventies when you were naive and stupid and then this other world came and you thought fuck it, you can try anything. Young people aren't damned for not being able to do that. In some ways, they have it better because there is more information that is accessable. But they've gotta make sure that the mentality don't get fouled, like there's no possibility that these things can be done. I think that's the responsiblity of some people from the older days to not make it too sentimental. That's just the days that I'm from, it doesn't make them better days, it just makes them different days."

Watt and his band The Secondmen are opening up for Dinosaur Jr. tonight at the Orange Peel, and the interview is up at the Bugg Blog. Read it right here.

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