Saturday, March 07, 2009

Huge Meteor Over Asheville?

Around 11:30 Saturday night, a glowing orange light outside my window caught my eye. I couldn't see it all that well through the trees and warped glass of my house's old windows, but it didn't look like ANYTHING that I could put a name to.

It wasn't a plane.

It passed behind a tree, and when it came out the other side it looked like it was breaking into pieces. I ran outside to see and there was nothing in the sky but stars and clouds.

It was tungsten orange, maybe twice the size of Venus at its brightest, moving very slowly like an earthgrazer, not "falling." If it was a meteor, I don't think it made it through the atmosphere.

Very freaky!

Anyone else see? What was it?

Looked JUST like this, but with no tail:


jenna said...

I saw it too! I have been looking all over google for other's who saw it. It was beautiful!!!!!
Large orange ball and the breaking into 3 pieces.
I first thought they were fireworks. TOO HIGH, and TOO BIG!!!!
I am in West Asheville and it was out my window East.
Thanks for your post!

Ursula said...

OMG. I'm so jealous, and so amazed.

Karen said...

Wish I had seen it! If you find out more, please blog about it.

Andrew said...

Sign of the apocalypse.

Jennifer Saylor said...

OMG, it really was a fireball! I had half convinced myself it was something ordinary.

East it was. I'm so glad you saw it, Jenna!

Nic said...

What was it? I saw it when letting my dog out. Big fireball, I heard some sizzling sounds, saw a piece break off, an then it was gone! My neighbors saw it driving down Vermont Ave. We thought it may have been a hot air balloon that caught on fire, but at 11:30pm? Also, it wasn't moving or seem to fall, just disappeared after a huge burning ball....Really, did anyone find out what it was? I's love an explanation.

Ted N. said...

We saw it too, driving to the airport. Long trail even still shining when it dropped below hill/tree-line.

ps - visiting Asheville was nice.