Friday, March 20, 2009

Artist discussion and Artist Resource Center

When: Fri, March 20, 6pm – 8pm
Where: Firestorm Cafe @ 48 Commerce St
Description: You've come to Asheville because you've heard it's the
happening place for the Arts Scene - but how do you connect with other
artists and learn about festivals, events, and venues to sell your
art? What are the organizations & grants available to help artists
make their means and connect with other creative thinkers? And
looking deeper - how does the philosophy of art as a major artery in
the life-blood of Asheville allow us to utilize the potential of
creative design and innovation in coming era?
Learn about the discussions concerning the future development of the
Riverside Arts District & where there are affordable creative spaces
and studios in Asheville.

1 comment:

Gordon Smith said...

I wish I could come to this, but I'm leaving for the weekend (American Counseling Association Annual Convention in Charlotte).

For the record, I am 100% supportive of a downtown Artists' Resource Center as an important tool for economic development.