Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wishing for Spring: New Bloggers Welcome!

Local Crafter, Faerie Made, see Etsy page!

Well, if its not evident at this point, I'm working my butt off for the Biggest Slacker Award for 2009. My apologies for the delay in getting these great bloggers linked and loved.
Asheville Performing Arts Reviews
"I am not a real person, just a blog. That means I need help from the community to continue to exist. That makes you pretty powerful. Wow. Please keep reading. Please keep writing."

Tender Graces
"Let's talk about books and reading, writing and writers. And maybe about life, too. And food. And family. And well, my debut novel coming out (yaayy!). And life lived on a mountain at Killian Knob in the Smokies, with a retired hubby and a fat old lazy labrador"

WNC Outdoor Life
"A blog about Western North Carolina outdoor recreation opportunities. Including fly fishing, hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, whitewater rafting and more!"

Blue Barnhouse
"things that inspire us, greeting card designs before they go to print, live coverage from roadtrips/trade shows, custom projects on the drying rack, scandalous photos of the bbh crew and friends, & other mindless drivel"

Asheville LiveCam

Barefoot Society
"An ongoing review of the submerging culture."

Welcome To The Idiocy
"Welcome To The Idiocy That Is My Life ;-)"

My Southern Exposure
"My thoughts and feelings on the adjustment of moving from the New York metro area to the Southeast."

Golden Sun Family
"A family's journey through the seasons."

Simple Studio Journal
"art, crafts, tea, and daily life..."

Lone Birds Web World
"Empowering Internet Business with computer tech, web design and seo tips from the Lone Bird Studio professional web designer/developer Chris Kaminski.

Faerie Made

"Natural Ingredients, Small Batches, Woman Owned."

Lu Am
"Welcome, or, Bienvenue! In this, our newest and first joint blog, we, Lu 'n Am, have come together to muse about just what our title says: affordable, sustainable, creative, living."
Time to get rid of the Winter Doldrums, get thee to blogging, posting, picture taking, and living (or if you are like me at the moment, get thee rid of the chest cold that persists!)

Local Crafter, Faerie Made, see Etsy page!


Trixie said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, honey. You've done good and will do yet more good. You're young yet. (I reckon.)

Andrew Harvel said...


Faerie Made said...

Thanks for adding me. Now I need to blog more!

Andrew Harvel said...

The Live-Cam blog rocks.

Caroline Pond said...

This is a great blog for Asheville, thanks for blogging. I am addicted to it. It is so fun posting my stories while I am on the road with Snake Oil Medicine Show and everyday life. So fun.
Cheers and thanks for sharing.

Kathryn Magendie said...

How did I miss this? thank you? (I know how -- being out of town for near a month, reading galley proofs for the novel, going a month's worth of mail...etc etc etc!) Thank you!