Thursday, February 12, 2009

Announcing: The Black Mountain Music Scene

Don Talley wants all y'all to sign up for this!

Black Mountain is rapidly developing a reputation for great live music and now there's a website which keeps music lovers informed of whose playing where. The Black Mountain Music Scene ( contains a consolidated music calendar for White Horse Black Mountain, The Town Pump Tavern, The Watershed, Pisgah Brewing, Ja Vin, Beacon Pub, the Black Mountain Center for the Arts and other venues. In addition the website includes links to music festivals, music stores, music venues, music videos, etc located in Black Mountain and the Swannanoa Valley.

The Black Mountain Music Scene also sends out a weekly newsletter of information about upcoming shows.

To subscribe to the newsletter click on the Newsletter Signup button on the website or email

Visit the website ( or email for additional information.

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