Thursday, January 15, 2009

WLOS airs segment on licensing midwives

Following the recommendation from the NC House Select Committee on Licensing Midwives to introduce legislation in the upcoming session to license Certified Professional Midwives, WLOS aired a piece on Thursday's 5:00 pm news. WLOS reporter, Charu Kumarhia, interviewed Nancy Koerber, CPM, co-owner of New Dawn Midwifery.

From the WLOS web site:
"North Carolina lawmakers may soon license midwives, and those in the industry say it's about time. Midwives have gained in popularity in the last two decades, and there are many types of midwives. The two most common are those certified nationally to assist in home or birth center deliveries, and those that are also RN's with master's degrees. They're certified to assist in births at home or in the hospital.
Midwives say licensing would elevate the profession and keep mothers and babies healthy.
Obstetricians have mixed views on non-nurse midwives getting licensed - especially for home births. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists officially says it supports a "certified midwife" credential."

You can view the segment online at this link:

More information is available on the North Carolina Friends of Midwives web site,

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