Thursday, January 08, 2009

The TN Coal-Ash Spill, in Pictures

Via Freakonomics, a NY Times economics blog: Pics and commentary of the Kingston, TN coal-ash spill from Dorothy Griffith, a Banner Elk photographer who flew over the spill on Christmas Day, courtesy of SouthWings.

She calls it "the biggest toxic spill our country has so far experienced." Can anyone back that up?

See all the images here.

Kingston, TN is only 150 miles from Asheville.


Gordon Smith said...

Wow. That picture is terrifying. Thanks for posting.

Short Street Cakes said...

This is an unbelievably devastating event. I'm shocked that there hasn't been more coverage, and the coverage I've seen has had very little concern with the residents, the people themselves and how their homes and lives have been destroyed. Its totally outrageous. Here's a blog from some activist folks on the ground in TN:
"Clean Coal." ha.

Gordon Smith said...

Thanks for the link, jodi.

Jennifer Saylor said...

Five-minute NYT video on coal-ash storage and the TN spill:

Gordon Smith said...

Another awful picture here.

The NYTimes reports that the disaster is three times as big as originally reported.