Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God Speaks My Language, Can You?

Friday, January 23, 2009

7:00 P.M.


Author and artist Heather Tosteson shares stories and insights from her new book, God Speaks My Language, Can You? based on interviews with people from different faith traditions currently living in the southeast, many of them from Asheville.


Based on over one hundred interviews with people across all faith traditions, this is, above all, a book of stories, each fascinating and unique. We are invited to read with the express intention of feeling what we have in common with the people whose life stories we find here, whether they are conservative Christian housewives or liberal young Muslim immigrants, Buddhist musicians, or Harley-riding shamans. What does the world look like, sound like, taste like, feel like from that person's point of view? How have they experienced life's formidable mystery? When? Where? What language is their true language of faith? What theology has their life given birth to? What pain and what generosity does their faith story need to contain?

"Heather Tosteson knows how to listen past the surface where differences are so evident to the depths where common hopes and dreams are found. What's more--and this is rare--she knows how to describe what she has heard. This book is a model for genuine and generous conversation."
Dr. Guy Sayles, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Asheville, NC

"I devoured it."
Georgia Tassopoulos, 88, Greek Orthodox and Interfaith Sister, Atlanta, GA

"This is a compelling read whether you are pondering themes, theology, or just being human. I didn't read it analytically, I read it in relationship. I feel like I know these people after reading those very personal interviews. They become part of the tapestry of MY life, MY faith journey, MY spiritual stretching and shifting. Oh—I forgot to mention—the artwork in the book is AWESOME." Kim Hunt, United Church of Christ, Venice, FL

"I find God Speaks My Language, Can You? very enlightening. It has caused me to be more open-minded. I'm now questioning myself as to how I listen when people share: How accepting am I really of others faith journeys?"
Shahidah Mohammed, 61, Muslim, Atlanta, GA

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