Monday, January 05, 2009


Which BlogAsheville bloggies are y'all reading lately? I was running through some blogs I haven't been to for awhile, and it got me wanting to point some out.

Have y'all checked out the photographs at Uncorked Imaging?

Jeremy at Revenge of the Word Nerd is embarking on Project 365.

Boston Dreams and Michelin Stars announces his demise then explains that he is cutting his blogging down to only five times a month.

Outside Clyde is watching the strange blooms,
"I knew the Snowdrops were early, but so soon? Blogs are great record keeping devices so I went back and looked. Last year I noticed the first sign of Daffodils on January 10th and spotted the Snowdrops on January 23rd. This warmer December just past must be encouraging them.

It seems strange, but I can expect to start seeing the beginning of 10,000 Daffodils waking up this month."

A Note From Laurey writes a lovely post that answers the question, "What is going to happen? How’s it all going to turn out? What’s to become of us?"

There are quite a few year-end, wrap-up style posts around right now. People Power Granny has a particularly good one.

A Girl Who Wears Glasses posted this song. She warns, "even if others think it's obnoxious, I kind of like this tune."

Go look at five blogs you haven't read in a while. Leave a comment on at least one. BlogAsheville is such a sprawling landscape of blogs now, and you're missing something if you're not exploring everything.


Don Mak said...

I did some year end Newsreader cleaning and pretty much just use BlogAsheville as my filter for the time being, so thanks for the links. I get too easily distracted and end up staying up til 2am reading blogs.

I did just post some Xmas pics on for those looking for random Asheville stuff ;-)

Will of the Hill said...

Twisted and informed. That how I like me blogs!

Christopher C. NC said...

Local blogs I regularly read other than the usual suspects of
Ashvegas and
ScruHoo are:

Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl
The Word Nerd is fun
Art Seen Asheville
A Dark Topography and

If you are into local history at all I highly recommend Ruminations From The Distant Hills out of the Sylva/Cullowhee area.

I should comment more often than I do at these blogs because there does seem to be a very quiet audience for local blogs compared to other venues out there.

1000 black lines said...

I use Google Reader to follow local blogs Ashvegas and BlogAsheville. Using Tumblr I follow at least a half dozen local tumblrs.

xty said...

just discovered Art Seen Asheville. That went in my bookmarks. I also am liking Pritchard Park, which is nascent. said...

I also appreciate the fine work at BlogAsheville. It is informative and personal - and brings alot of attention to alot of people and events in Asheville.
I was recently added to the blogroll here - and I consider it a compliment to be in such good company.