Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Long Overdue Bloggers Welcome!

Sock Monkey Quilt by local Quilt Artists, Fishy Fishy Quilts. See more of their purchasable work at their Etsy store

Y'all welcome this bloggers to our blogroll, as they have patiently waited for me to stop slacking!
There and Back Again
"...Mostly, riding the bus...and other throughts on alternatives to one person in a car."

Asheville to Argentina
"Exploring the idea of riding a dual sport motorcycle a really long way"

People Power Granny

Uncorked Imaging Blog
"Photographer Gilles Champagne"

Sonya Stone Blog
"photography, parenting, and other inspirations"

Pritchard Park Blog
"Pritchard Park is my fav place to people watch in downtown Asheville. A little excitement and a lot of individuality will have me exploring downtown for my next encounter on this trip called life. Hop on and enjoy the ride!"

Asheville's Hot
"restaurants, music, arts, more..."

Will Chatham Blog

Insatiable Curiosity
"Some Stuff In Jill's Head"

Asheville Business Blog

Life O' Mike
"Lifeomike isn't just about Mike. It's about everyone who has suffered because they couldn't access adequate health care."

Small Measure
"simple, daily gestures towards improving community, family, and planet"

Melissa Moss Art

We look forward to seeing y'all at our next gather, ahem, whenever that might be!
Daydream Quilt by local Quilt Artists, Fishy Fishy Quilts. See more of their purchasable work at their Etsy store


Gordon Smith said...

Wow! So. Many. Cool. Blogs.

Welcome to the family, bloggahs. Who's going to take the lead and call for a blogger meetup?

Will of the Hill said...

Thanx UpToWn!!

I'm all for a gathering. I was out of town for your last bash but from what I read, I won't miss the next one! Lots of laughs and libations i'm sure.


Will of the Hill said...

BTW UpTown - on the blogroll you mispelled Pritchard as Pitchard. LOL. Can you fix it please?

Andrew Harvel said...

Welcome all.

Y's Kindermusik said...

whew. I spent the whole evening reading around on this...
How does one become noticed to be listed here?
Mine is

Uptown Ruler said...

got it fixed! said...

thanks for including me.

Blog Hendersonville said...

Not sure if this is the right place to make this request, but would you be willing to add Blog Hendersonville to your blogroll - (

I'd totally appreciate it!