Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blue Ridge Computer Recycling is not closed

I Love Blue Ridge Computer Recycling. Need a spare laptop adapter? Your CD drive bonk out and don'twant to spend more than about 10 bucks? They have all kinds of stuff (including laptops, monitors..) - I picked up two new pwr adapter replacements for lost ones and a nice clean desk chair the other day and got change back on a 20.

Evidently there have been rumors (started, it is rumored, by another *cough* new *cough cough...ahem* computer recycling/used reseller in the area) that BRCR went outta business. 
They haven't


Edgy Mama said...

Good to know. BRCR were the first in the area to tackle computer recycling. Kudos!

zen said...

Not only are they not closed, but they have a LOT of stuff on their shelves. Quite a few complete systems, but go here first if you need some specialty cord or connector or device - they seem to have it all at pretty cheap prices