Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Post Party Post Obama Fall Bloggers Welcome!

Crafty Goodness by fellow blogger - Quiltbaby

We take time out from our regularly scheduled Obama post for a long-overdue New Bloggers Welcome post. Since our gathering, and a little before, we have had bloggers crawling out of internet nether, and it is high time we introduced them!

"A blog of rants, raves, thoughts, questions and stories on being a mother, friend, wife and person here in Asheville, NC."

Everything Matters
A progressively liberal comedic site specializing in politics and pop culture through a very blue lens.

Mike Valentino

Reason Online
"These are tumultuous times."

Affirmation Power
"Enlightenment Affirmation Music & Meditation"

"Attempting to grow as we consume less. Changing the world while changing diapers."

"what would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?"

"Film, TV, graphic design, video games, Macintosh computers, neat gadgets and pretty much general geek stuff.?"


Sweet Mess
"Musings on Parenthood, Art, and Good living."


Climate Interactive
"Vigorous sharing of user-friendly simulations"

A note from Laurey
"Bits of this and that, all related to food in either a direct or a roundabout way. Some things might be about Laurey's: a place for gourmet comfort food in Asheville, North Carolina. Some entries might have nothing to do with that but might be about me or my friends or my family or my, well, you'll just have to visit and see."

Laurey Bikes

A Year In Asheville
"In a world gone mad, two gay guys from Los Angeles trek across America to set up hearth and home in Asheville, North Carolina."

"mostly photos, some words"

A. Fletcher
This isn’t the blog you’re looking for.

Crafty Goodness by fellow blogger - Quiltbaby


Welcome aboard, bloggers!

Please let us know if you would like posting rights to BlogAsheville. That goes for any other of our fellow bloggers on the side bar!


Uptown Ruler said...

ill get the sidebar links up a little later today!

Gordon Smith said...

Good Lord, that's a lot of bloggers!

I think we may need to reorganize the sidebar into categories...

Gratuitous said...

Yeah, good luck fitting some of them into a category.

Don't forget my new daddy-blog for the next roll call.

Will of the Hill said...

or my blog pritchardpark.blogsppot


A. said...

Thanks for including my humble blog with the group. Asheville bloggers are a good bunch - I'm glad to be here!

Quilt Baby said...

Thanks so much for displaying Quilt Baby.


Edgy Mama said...

I'm thinking categories too, G.

ashley english said...

I'd love to have my blog added as well:


Gordon Smith said...

What would the categories be? I'm thinking:

Food and Drink

Supermom said...

Thanks for including my other blog Kid Friendly Asheville.

zen said...

I agree that the biggest problem with blog categories is that some - or many - blogs will fit into different categories.

Now, i don't want the maintenance of categories to become a personal burden for our wonderful webbies, but i think if each blog has to choose a single category to be in (rather than the web person decide), then that would be good.

I came up with nearly the same list as Gordon, with the exception that i doubled up Photography-Art and the addition of a 'locality/travel' blog, but, on second thought, they're probably not Asheville blogs.

Christopher C. NC said...

I suppose you would include the category "Gardening" in Environment, but we garden bloggers like to think we deserve a category of our own. Not that gardening does not include art and design, photography, the environment, politics, spirituality and poetry.

Gratuitous said...

Zen, I have seen way too many bad photos from people who claimed to be artists but couldn't catch a good piece of light if a halo descended around their heads (you definitely are not one of them; I've been admiring your halo for some time). You would fit neatly into the art category, but others would have no business in it.

Blog admins, looks like there's some management work looming. If you assign the categories, then you outcry. If you ask the bloggers to assign themselves, 2/3 of them will complain that there aren't enough categories, and could I please have my own? If you allowed them to list themselves into multiple categories, you'd have to go to the trouble of creating a good drill-down menu system and probably add a search engine. Still, something's gotta be done. How about adding a "can't be categorized" category? Doesn't address your challenge, but at least you'd get a lot of bloggers gustily striving to be their creative best for the privilege of being in that one.

ash said...

i agree. that's alotta blogs. and Ashvegas can't be categorized.

Mike Valentino said...

To the best and worst of Asheville,

I can't wait for your down-pouring of praise and adulation. Thank you in advance. So if you're interested to hear about race, religion, sex and politics from someone who knows nothing about any of those topics, stop by. Sit down, have a glass of sweet tea and stay awhile. Oh, and don't make any sudden moves, the dog does bite.

-Mike Valentino

Gordon Smith said...

We could have an Uncategorizable category

Uptown Ruler said...

all of this is easier said than done.


A. said...

So I'm the new kid on the block and all, but what about using a third-party solution? Here's my idea:

Use the Technorati blog directory headings with the addition of an Uncategorizable heading.

Gordon Smith said...

Good idea, a.

Ken LaDeroute said...

Thanks for posting my blog: http://www.AffirmationPower.com to Blog Asheville. How do I get a link on the sidebar.

Best Wishes,

Ken LaDeroute