Saturday, October 04, 2008

Open Thread: Attending the Obama Rally at AHS

BlogAsheville tries to offer local events and information, not political views. Let's keep this thread about the logistics of trying to make it to Sen. Obama's Sunday appearance in town.

Open thread: Are you going? What time do you plan to arrive? Anyone got any inside tips to share for the WNC residents who want to attend?

Obama's in Ashvegas. As we speak. My editor at the college paper just got off the phone with him.

I've asked people when to show up at the event. Doors are at noon, the action begins at two.

One friend Tweets that she's getting up at the crack of dawn on Sunday to go. Somebody's said she's got an in working concessions. Someone else is lugging paintboxes to the stadium, planning to hang out and paint for a few hours before the gates open. Some of us bloggers are trying to wing press passes.

Nobody seems to know when to arrive. I don't remember anything quite like this happening in Asheville before.


UPDATE: C-T reports more than 10,000 are expected, Obama campaign workers advise arrival by 10 a.m.


Gratuitous said...

Any sense of needed criteria for press passes? I assume there's some sort of background check, but what else? Have any of you ever had high level press credentials? Is preference given to the prompt, or to the popular?

Supermom said...

My hubby is planning on going to this. I told him he better get there EARLY because it will be crazy. Someone video it for us that have to stay home with the kids.
Michelle :)

arratik said...

We got to AHS a couple of hours before the gates opened when Bill Clinton spoke there earlier this year, and we were in good shape. I'm probably going to get there ~9:30 or so.

Maybe a few of us blogger types can meet for breakfast tomorrow morning & either caravan or carpool over?

Gratuitous said...

I have a feeling the attendance might blow Bill's appearance out of the water. The children alone will suck up plenty of seats, as it's on a no-school Sunday, and many parents will not be able to pass up the opportunity to expose their kids to this decidedly important and historic Asheville event. I'm one of them, but I'm nervous that it's going to be like a concentrated Bele Chere without the booze and enough porta-potties.

beaverlakenc said...

He's at the GPI right now

Gordon Smith said...

Ashvegas and Scrutiny Hooligans have the pics and video of Obama at Grove Park Inn.