Monday, October 13, 2008

First Annual Vance Holiday Craft Explosion!!!

I know there are a ton of talented artists and crafters out there in Blog Asheville land (I was up against some of you for Best Craft Blog *hinthint*) and I NEED YOU!

I am organizing a holiday craft fair to benefit programs at Vance Elementary, where my wee beastie currently rocks the Kindergarten scene. It is called a "holiday" craft fair only because of its proximity to the holiday season. There will be no clothespin Rudolphs, pinky swear. If you want more information, please shoot me an email at the address on that little flyer up there. I made it myself. What? I'm a KNITTER, not a graphic designer! I do have someone working on a much cooler version, but this will have to do for now.

1 comment:

Short Street Cakes said...

totally adorable/beautiful design! Can't go wrong with little birdies, really.
looking forward to it!