Sunday, October 05, 2008

Barack Obama at Asheville High School

Here's a slideshow of pics from this afternoon's rally at Asheville High School that I uploaded to Picasa a few minutes ago.


Edgy Mama said...

Nice work with the point and shoot!

My photos for Mt. X are here:

I'll put more up here and on my bloggie tomorrow.

What a day!!

Kevin said...

Great stuff... You can view my photos of today's rally by visiting

It was a great day!

Supermom said...

Hello! I have a question. Does anyone have a picture of Obama at Asheville High with the press box behind him. Or was that even possible.
If you do have this certain picture. I'd like it to say who the press box is named after-Zeb Lee.
My husbands dad was Zeb and finding a picture of that behind Obama would be awesome.
If you know anyone that was there with their camera-would you forward this message??

Many thanks in advance!