Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Asheville Great For Skateboarding

So sayeth the master at Zappos Rideshop Blog (excerpt):

"Asheville, North Carolina is a great place to go on vacation if you are a skateboarder. This city has great architecture and urban features that make it the perfect destination to bring your skateboard. This city has great skate spots, a couple of cool skateboard shops and a huge 17,000 square foot skatepark waiting for you.

Asheville, North Carolina - Street Skateboarding
If you enjoy street skateboarding then you will love Asheville, North Carolina. While it is technically against the law to skateboard outside the skatepark, the local authorities tend to just give you a warning and discourage you from boarding in the city. However, do not skateboard in downtown Asheville or on private property without permission or you will get a $150 fine. According to the locals a few of the best street skating spots are the AC Reynolds High School, where you can find ledges and handrails, the Beaver Dam, where you will find a great selection of challenging ledges, the HESS Rail, which has a very challenging flat bar rail over a large gap, and the Health Depot, which has three up and three down, flat bar rails, benches and a bump up."

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