Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Voting For 2008 BlogAsheville Awards is Open!

You've seen the nominees. You've emailed me to ask when the hell I'd get the voting up. Now it's time to cast your ballot for the superlative bloggers of BlogAsheville in our annual awards.

Ty Hallock over at Top Floor Studios has put together a nifty voting mechanism for us. All you do is click the link, cast your votes, enter your email address, and wa-la. Get it right the first time, because there's no going back. You may want to review the nominees before you click over.

To ensure the integrity of the voting, I'll be able to see IP addresses and emails for each voter. I won't share any of this information with anyone - unless someone is redonkulous enough to try to stuff the ballot box. Then I'll trumpet it from the damn mountaintops.

Please cross-post the voting link on all of your blogs.

Good luck everyone, and get to voting!



Short Street Cakes said...

so any old somebody can vote, just as long as they only do it once, right?

Uptown Ruler said...

aye, create a cool button for you blog, encouraging your readers to vote for you!

or steal my nominee button below...


ashley english said...

I'm an Asheville/Candler blogger as of June '08. How do I get my blog added to your blog role?


OldHorsetailSnake said...

Did my duty as I saw my duty to do my duty.

Gordon Smith said...

Duty duty doo... duty da dee doo

Gordon Smith said...


We've already had 200 voters, y'all, and voting is going to be open for another week.

By comparison, last year we had about 150 in total.

Jason Bugg said...

If you don't vote for me I'm going to come to your houses and pee on your toilet seats.

madteaparty said...

If you vote for me I'll play my ukulele for you (could be an incentive or a threat, depending on your tastes). :)

Ami of
"Ami's Anecdotes"
"Ukulele Rockstar"