Sunday, September 28, 2008

Incredible Lameness of Being Award

We'll be getting a happy, fun time post up soon about the evenings festivities; however, I just got back from the party cleanup, and it seems someone, still confusing obnoxious and cool, walked off with one of the Red Bull tables loaned to us by Skully's, so I wanted to address this impossible lameness now, rather than add it to the end of a positive post.

I'm hoping that someone had too many beers, and this Red Bull table will magically appear in Carolina Lane today, tomorrow, or the next day.

Short of a karma balancing return, if you ever see this Red Bull table on someone's porch, dorm room, or backyard - please note they stole it from a community fund-raiser for the homeless, which will probably result in the charity receiving less the cost of a replacement table.

You basically stole from poor folks. Nice.

Whomever did take it, I trust every time you see the table, it's a reminder of your theft from charity, from some of the neediest people in our community, your lack of cool, and incredible lameness of being.



Don Mak said...

Word on the street is the Izzy's coffee people found it sitting on Lexington and pulled it inside their store for safekeeping. Go have a latte on a red bull table before it gets returned ... LOL.

Uptown Ruler said...

i do hope that is true, i drove all over downtown asheville this morning, hoping the thieves were bigger than their britches and actually had abandoned the table.

Uptown Ruler said...

confirmed with Izzy's!

thank you, don!

Jim Jenkins said...


Gordon Smith said...

Great news! All hail Izzy's!

Short Street Cakes said...


zen said...

Excellent!! Jeez, what people do when 'influenced.'

Marilyn Sholin said... there a Paypal donate that I can give a little to help even though I wasn't at the fundraiser? Planning on our Asheville: State of the Arts site to be there next year. But would like to help with something now. You can tweet it to me @msholin or email it to me.

Gordon Smith said...


You'll need to go through their website -

Gordon Smith said...

Table retrieved and returned. Barista at Izzy's, "I wondered why we needed a big Red Bull table for the office."