Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ecotrips Will Take You Home

If you've been wondering how you'll manage to drink your share of beer at the Extrava and still find your way home, know that Ecotrips has donated its services to pour you into your driveway at the end of the night. In addition to having donated $100 towards food from The Colorful Palate, Ecotrips will be running people home if they live within a couple of miles of downtown, so take the City Bus to the party safe in the knowledge that you'll have an excellent Ecotrips ride home. (Don't worry if you live further out, we'll have plenty of fun taxi info for you, too) Here's more about Ecotrips from Extravasponsor, Russell Keith:

"I would like to introduce to you an innovative business concept that I have launched in our beloved City of Asheville. Ecotrips is an emission-free, electric shuttle service for the downtown area of Asheville. We have two cars in operation offering an environmentally-friendly alternative transportation. The nature of the cars allow passengers to feel less separated from the ambience of our friendly city.

The environmentally friendly nature of the business should help spotlight Asheville as a city of progressiveness and social conscience. I intend to work actively in the business community to promote the overall economic health of the area.

Hoping to introduce myself to you, I'm also seeking your ideas, your endorsement, and your support of this endeavor."

Ecotrips loves you, BlogAsheville. Love them back.