Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's going on at URTV

I'm just writing to let Asheville know about two developments coming to cable channel 20, also known as URTV: streaming, and video on demand. The streaming, which should be really soon now, will essentially put the channel up on the internet, accessible all over the world.
The project I'm much more excited about will take a little bit longer, but I'm confident it will happen soon. Video on demand will essentially be youtube for URTV, allowing you, the audience to watch any episode of any of the shows and series in the URTV archives, whenever you would like. It will also allow producers, like myself, to embed these videos on the internet, pre-loaded, just like you can with a youtube video. This will by the often frustrating and tedious affair of using a third party video hosting site.

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