Monday, August 18, 2008

Seeking Asheville Artist to Put Artwork on Display!

Faces of Asheville is an amazing community project that has been put into the world thru the visionary Jenny Bowen & her fearless helper Spyce.

We're at beginning of year 2 (final year) for this amazing project & as always, are looking to involve as many Ashe-villians as possible.

Our next part of the project will involve a Get Your Freak On Foto Booth that will make it's debut at this year's Lexington Ave Arts & Fun Festival on Sunday Sept 7th.

There will be tons of freaky fun costumes donated by the wonderful Costume Shoppe for folks to come by and get freaked out in. Jen will snap your shot, and within minutes you'll have the best memento ever of you and your friends getting fun and freaky!

All monies raised will go to the final completion of the Faces of Asheville Portrait Documentary Project and the Community Forums that will take place throughout the year.

There will be 6 forums - each addressing a specific challenge that faces Asheville's community as it continues to grow. The forum tropics were taken from surveys completed with the nearly 350 portrait participants from last spring.

The forum issues will be:
-Diversity in Asheville
-Artist Resources in Asheville
-Ecological and Green Living in Asheville
-Local economy, focusing on local business and currency in Asheville
-Alternative Health and Human Services in Asheville
-Interfaith and Spirituality in Asheville

We're looking for talent to design and then help paint a backdrop for the photos that will be taken at Lex Fest.

We will provide all the supplies, the artist provides the talent, creativity, and the oversight of the backdrop painting. Your art work will be all over town as the backdrop for the many photos that will be the talk of the festival!

This is a wonderful chance for a local artist to be involved in this history making project & get their name and talent out there to be seen by all of Asheville!

Artists will be compensated with proper credit and a free place to exhibit other work at the festival.

Interested in filling our artist void? Email:

If the project has peeked your interest and you'd like to assist in volunteering at the photo booth, or helping coordinate the Community Forums - please email Jenny Bowen at

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