Sunday, August 10, 2008

Perseid Meteor Shower This Week: Stars Fall Over Asheville

The annual summertime Perseid meteor shower is less spectacular from a suburban back yard than it is from the deep dark of the countryside, but I've seen cool meteors in West Asheville, a mile from the city center.

According to NASA the best Perseid viewing this year is during the hours before dawn on Tuesday, August 12. Those who plan to be in bed asleep at that time can try looking for meteors right after dark on Monday night as the shower begins.

The nearly-full moon will interfere with meteor-watching, so try to do your viewing before moonrise.

The best way to watch is lying down, as craning your neck back to look up at the sky gets old fast. Try a lounge chair or blanket. An ideal meteor-watching spot will have a clear eastern view.

More from NASA here. Moonrise times and weather info here. Cloud-cover information here.

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