Sunday, July 27, 2008

Roundup of the BlogAsheville Meetup

Photography by Makoviney

Ok ok, I didn't make the meetup at the Wedge Gallery (more about that another time), but I was desperate to hear about it, having been to many others.

So what do you do, if you miss an a blogger event? You go read about on their blogs!

Outside Clyde wrote "BlogAsheville is a community blog that acts as a central link hub for any and all bloggers in WNC. The BlogAsheville meet and greet was a way for bloggers to step out of cyberspace, network and press the flesh. In a way this event was held on newly hallowed ground..." [click link for pictures]

Zen of Zenography also took pictures you can find here.

I think My Life in Cake summed the event up best: "This blog world is new to me, and its inspiring. It's exciting to see people focus their energies on things that interest them, using tools and technology in creative and aesthetically/politically useful and beautiful ways. I started using the internet when my son was born, mostly to keep in touch with friends. I started blogging to promote my business and share my love of cake. Now I feel like I'm a part of a community that's new for me, that makes my world just a little bit wider, and it challenges me to expand to accommodate it.

It challenges me to integrate other parts of myself, other communities, commitments, interests, my sense of beauty- and bring that into the communities I'm finding/building. Also, it challenges me to use this venue to its full potential- so I'm inspired to do more recipes, more writing, and more cake porn. Like everything else, its all about balance. You can't write about your life if your whole life is spent in front of a computer screen. But if you life involves a whole bunch of cool stuff, and you write about it in your own unique voice, it enriches your experience, and that of those around you..."


Jennifer Saylor said...

Jodi, well said. Dang.

Thanks for the roundup, Mysterious Uptown Admin Ruler Man!

Brittany Fridenstine-Keefe said...

Hi! I am an import blogger to Asheville. I am in town to dance for Terpsicorps Ballet (Our show is Aug 7,8,9th at the Diana Wortham)and happened upon your evening at the Wedge as our rehearsal studios are conveniently in the same building. I am wondering if anyone would be willing to blog and help get the word out about the show. I find that the online presence is necessary for the success of a project. Terpsicorps- led by Heather Maloy- is really a top notch company.

Admin said...

sure, email me at with details, i put it up!