Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Orbit DVD Rocks My Socks!

Supporting your local indie spot for movies and video games is now easier on your wallet thanks to the good folks over at Orbit DVD. They released a new price list on July 7th and we have been taking full advantage of it over here at Crankypants World HQ. New releases are now a mere $2 for a night, recents are $3 for a week, older stuff is $2 a week and games are $5 for a week. They have a dollar a day late fee policy which I personally love. No late fees are great for the person who decides to keep their copy of There Will Be Blood until 32 seconds before it gets charged to their card, but it kinda stinks for everyone else who might like to see it. The staff is also made up of folks who genuinely love movies and aren't embittered by having to stock 1700 copies of Norbit.

These new prices are just a test run to see if they can make it work, so check it out!


Jennifer Saylor said...

Thanks for the news! I love Orbit and I also really love their brownies and choco chip cookies. :0)

Bill In Asheville said...

Deb does make some tasty brownies, for sure!